At Sex Toy Database, we know the sex toy market is over-run with duplicate products.  When you go out to look for a new sex toy, you are bombarded by a million other sex toys that look almost exactly the same.  Then, you try to decipher one from the other, but the names are only slightly different, because they all use basically the same words.  What do you do?  How do you tell a Rabbit Vibrator from a Jack Rabbit from a Jak Rabbit? 

Don’t order a crappy sex toy that looks all fancy until you open it up and find out it’s a piece of garbage. We’ve all been there before.  The best thing to do is to find a reputable seller of sex toys that will have deciphered all of the products for you.  Then, they can sell you a sex toy that is actually worth owning. 

        You see, once an original and well-selling sex toy hits the market, a bunch of other sex toy companies quickly develop their own version of the real thing.  In other words, if they don’t have their own ideas, they’ll wait to see what works and then try to get a piece of the pie.  Here at Sex Toy Database, we provide listings of sex toy product names that you may have seen out in stores, and then suggest to you a quality product that is similar and worthwhile.  

        Also what is listed here at Sex Toy Database, are other products that do similar things.  They may not be ripping off the design, but they have the same function.  It is hard sometimes to make a choice between these toys.  That is what we’re here for.  To aid in the process of shopping for sex toys.  Not to say that the toys we list are all crap, but the sex toys that we suggest are our favorites.  For more information, you can click on the underlined product pictures and names.

Find Suggested Products Here: 

The certain products that we have suggested on this website can be found here at Vibrators.com.  They have a vast range of sex toys, and also give you honest opinions of the products they are selling.  That’s why Vibrators.com is our favorite place to shop in private for our intimate needs.