Double Dolphin Twins

The Double Dolphin is a tried and true vibrating love ring for couples to use.  With love rings, sometimes you get bad quality product, or maybe the bullets are cheap, but this one stands the test with flying colors.  The Diving Dolphin is for the people who get intimidated by too many thingy-ma-bobbers, but I still recommend the double.  The Couple’s Love Ring is definitely worth checking out as well.

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The Double Dolphin will definitely enhance pleasure for BOTH of you.  This jelly cock ring has TWO holes in which to insert vibrating bullets.  This way, while in close contact, it allows for the woman to rub up against it.  The best part, however, is the vibrating dolphin face-shaped nubbies coming off of the bullets.  You can imagine what they’d be up to. That’s right, driving her twice as insane. 

All the while, her man is rock hard from the constriction the ring is causing, and feeling his own kind of stimulation from the vibrations.  Looks like WE ALL WIN!  Yeah!  It definitely is a fun toy for you and your lover to play with.  Also, the bullets are easily detachable just in case you want to take one or both out and tickle other areas.