Jack Rabbit Rip-Offs

The Rabbit has to be one of the top sex toy designs and has been copied far too many times.  The results ended up being pretty sad, and in most cases, just down right scary. 

If you were looking for:

        Classix 7 Function Vibe

        Beyond 2000 QX6

        Beyond 2000 Li’l Pink Lover

          Customize Your “O”

          Fluttering Butterfly

          Deep Stroker Rabbit

          Luxe Squirmy

          Eclipse 1000

          Frog Frenzy

          Classix Rabbit Pearl

          Hannah’s Adventure Vibe

          Deluxe Venus Vibe

          Jungle Jiggler’s Pink Bunny

          Jungle Jiggler’s Bluebird

        Red Hot Rabbit Pearl

          Pretty Pleaser

          Future Dive Wandering Rabbit Twister

          Purple Power Pearl

          Rainbow Rabbit

          Wascally Wabbit

          Rabbit Pearl

          Baby Bunny Wabbit

          Rock + Roll Rabbit

          Purple Titan

          Bunny Pearl Vibe

          Lilac Lover

          Freestyle Hunny Bunny

You should try:    


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The Jack Rabbit Vibrator is a totally unique product that is well designed for it’s purpose.  A while ago, the Jack Rabbit Vibrator was mentioned on a Sex In The City episode, helping it skyrocket to legendary status.  These vibrators are driving women wild! 

Here’s a few of this bad boy’s features:

– Multi-speed vibrating action

– Three function wired remote with variable speed on two different motors

– The soft, gel shaft makes a sort of, pivoting motion

– The pearls dance, vibrate, and expand in the shaft

– Runs on three “C” batteries

This is not an opportunity to pass up.  This is one of those “secrets” that all women seem to know about.  The Jack Rabbit Vibrator has a reputation for a reason. (Wink wink!)