Rabbit Habit Look-A-Likes

Rabbit Habit Look-A-Likes

The Rabbit Habit is a very high-quality vibrator.  It was designed to be odorless, not cause any chemical irritation, and has a higher quality mechanism , so it will out-last other vibrators.  This vibe is must-have for rabbit lovers.

If you were looking for:

          Classix 7 Function Vibe

          Decadent Indulgent III

          Penthouse Blush Crush Rabbit Vibe

          7th Heaven Platinum Beaded Rabbit

          Beyond 2000 Royal Ram

          Jesse’s Pink Lady Bug Vibe

          Robo Rabbit

          Tera Patrick’s Beaded Arouser

          Rechargeable Jack Rabbit

          Rabbit Collection: Clit Critter

          Rabbit Colleciton: Wings of Pleasure

          Girl’s Best Friend Tenacious Rabbit

          My First Beaver Vibe

          i-Rabbit Multi Function Vibe

          Rockin’ Robin

          Lucid Dreams #32 Squirmy Red

          The Hop’n Rabbit Stroker

          Doc Johnson Mini Rabbit

          Decadent Indulgence

          The Ultimate Stroker

          Safari Sensations

          Beaded Bunny

          Girly Pearly Rotating Vibe

          7th Heaven Rabbit Pearl

          Platinum 7th Heaven Rabbit Pearl

          7th Heaven Bangin’ Beaver

          Stormy’s Obsession

          Krystal’s Strobing Bunny


          Deluxe Rabbit Pearl

          Rampant Rabbit

          Next Generation Rabbit Pearl

          Risque Rabbit

          Techno Rabbit

          Krystal Wabbit

          Janine’s Pleasure Vibe

          The Hummer Vibe

          Eager Beaver Vibe

          Ultra Beaver

          Fantasy 4 Beaver

          Fantasy 4 Dolphin

          Fantasy 4 Rabbit

          Turbo Jelly Beaver

          Turbo Jelly Wabbit

          Beyond 2000 Vibe

          Osaki Twister

          Cleopatra Twister

          Magic Wabbit

          Future Drive Rabbit Twisters

          Xteme Pleasure Vibe

          Bunny Teaser

          Dragon Lady

          Pearl Dolphin

          International SuperCocks Lotus Pearl Driver

          Jelly Krystal

          Sweet Extasy I. C. Rabbit Pearl Vibe

          Pearl Butterfly

          Aria’s Beaded Snow Bird

          Bouncing Bunny

          Honey Bunny

          Monica Sweeheart’s High Tailin’ Rabbit

          Impulse Dancing Teddy Bear

          Impulse Playful Dolphin

          Ultra Tech 5000

          Ultra Tech 4000

          Ultra Tech 3000        

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The Rabbit Habbit is a very high quality vibrator. It is the only vibrator that we suggest that was both designed and manufactured in Japan.

As you probably know, Japanese manufacturers lead the world in small electronics and this items is another example of that. The motor was made in Japan and the vibrator uses metal internal gears to prevent seizing and to provide long term quality.

This product is imported by the folks at Vibratex, a small company in Vallejo California that imports only the finest products. Vibratex is led by one of the smartest people in the adult novelty business. Vibratex products are the finest in the business. This product uses a 100% elastomer material that doesn’t have any odor. It won’t cause any chemical irritation. The mechanism is of higher quality than other products, so the rabbit habit will last much longer as well.