Silent Rocket Hacks

The Silent Rocket is a little personal bullet device that respects your need for dicretion.  How many times have you wanted to use a vibrating bullet, but you KNOW that the person in the next room will definitely hear it and know damn well what you’re up?  How aggravating!

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People have always been big fans of the pocket rocket. The idea is fairly simple. Build a small personal massager with the highest quality motor possible. The pocket rocket was a big success in the market place. It seems customers must have been tired of inferior products.

The pocket rocket was only a minor success. We didn’t like the original because it only had one speed and only used one battery. A great motor is nice but only one battery left it with on 1.5 volts to run on.

This product is an improvement over the original pocket rocket. The Silent Rocket offers improvements in three key areas.

The Silent Rocket offers two different speeds. This is important because the highest speed may be too intense for some users.

The Silent Rocket also uses two AAA batteries. This gives its motor 3 volts to work with. As a show of quality, the manufacturer includes two energizer batteries with the item. Other manufacturers sometimes enclose batteries but rarely do we see brand name batteries included.

Finally, the Silent Rocket is much quieter than other massagers. I guess we had never considered the volume of different products to be important. Certainly, a quieter massager is going to be more discreet and we definitely know the value of discretion.

The price of the Silent Rocket is a little higher than others. Consider that the batteries are included and you might want to make it your choice.