Waterproof Wabbit Clones

The Waterproof Wabbit is a rabbit vibrator that you can use anywhere.  The Rabbit design is very popular indeed.  A lot of new waterproof rabbit-style vibrators are popping up, but this one is our recommendation.

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          Waterproof Action Packed G Aqua

          Waterplay Pink

          Waterplay Blue

          Water Gems Bunny

          Water Gems Hummer

          Water Gems Crystal

          Water Gems Squiggly

          Water Gems Smokey

          Water Gems Nubby

          Water Gems Bunny

          Water Gems Seahorse

          Waterproof Rabbit

          Rabbit Pearl Twister Vibe

          Krystal Dolphin

          Bathing Buddy

          Blue Dolphin Waterproof Vibe

          Waterproof Wabbit Vibe

          WP Beyond 2000

          Waterproof Lady Lover

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The Waterproof Wabbit┬áis a rabbit vibrator that you can use anywhere. If you have a preference for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation (who doesn’t!) and you want to enjoy them in the shower or tub, this vibrator is for you.

This rabbit uses two AA batteries which leave it with a little less power than other rabbits that use three or four batteries.