Butterfly Wanna-Bes

The Venus Butterfly toys are hands-free, vibrating butterflies that strap on to your legs and stimulate the clit.  This is great for use during sex or while masturbating.  There are many products that have the same function, but we are cheering for the butterfly team.

If you were looking for:

        Remote Controlled Venus Butterfly

        Wicked Vibrator Sweetheart

          Jesse’s Secret Teddy

          Passion Butterfly

          The Ultimate Lady Bug

          Strap-On Dolphin Vibe

          Micro Butterfly Arouser

          Shane’s World Venus Butterfly

          Clit Bangin’ Bunny

          Monica Sweetheart’s Lil’ Beaver Strap-On

          The Honey Lover Strap-On

          Buzz Bunny

          Remote Control Beaver

          Wicked Arouser Story Teddy Strap-On

          Gina’s Vibrating Adventure Arouser

          Elite 7X Snuggly Bear

          Mini Bear Hug

          Strap-On Mini Butterfly

          Classix Butterfly

          Remote Control Butterfly

          Fluttering Monarch

          Hypersonic Bunny

          The Micro Dolphin

          Mini Lady Bug

          The Lady Bug

          Mini Pleasure Bee

          Bunny Rabbit

          Fun Flower

          Mini Rosebud

          Hands-Free Micro Penguin

          Aria’s Impulse 5 Decadent Bird

          Alexa’s Micro Orchid

          Lover’s Arousal

          Mini Hummer

          Sweetheart Vibe

          Temptress Micro Rocket

        Four Leaf Clover

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Here is another popular and unique vibrator. The Venus Butterfly vibrator is held in place with straps so you can wear it during intercourse. It is almost worn like underwear and won’t require you to hold it in place. The unique sensations combined with the hands free operation have made this type of product very popular. In the adult toy business they call items of this type a “wearable vibrator” and the Venus Butterfly is the most widely sold.

The Vibrating Venus Butterfly fits comfortably and has a sensual touch. Powered by a 3 AA multi-speed battery pack, the venus butterfly has plenty of power.

You will control the vibrations, sensations and flutter of the Butterfly.