Rejoyn Vacuum Therapy System Attempts

The Rejoyn Vacuum Therapy System contains 1 vacuum therapy device, 1 loading cone, 4 multi-sized constriction rings, and 1 soft-side storage case.  It is a complete and quality penis pump kit. 

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Here are some features that distinguish the Rejoyn Vacuum Therapy System from lower price pump sets.

  *      The Rejoyn pump has an automatic safety valve that monitors vacuum and automatically releases when you have achieved full vacuum pressure.

    *      Only Rejoyn uses a push-pull vacuum technology that generates vacuum when you push AND pull the pump handle. within 4 to 5 strokes you can achieve a full erection. Rejoyn’s desing makes it comfortable to pump, and is easier to operate than hand-squeeze pumps.

    *      Comfortable, Multi-sized contriction rings. The special elastomer constriction rings are clinically designed to effectively maintain an erection while being comfortable to wear. The Rejoyn system includes 4 multisized rings ensuring you a precise fit.

    *       Rejoyn includes a convenient loading cone to thransfer the constriction ring onto the vacuum cylinder.

    *      The Rejoyn pump has quality construction and is made of shatter restant lexan and ABS plastic.

    *      The Rejoyn pump includes a soft-side storage case that makes travel easy.

This kit contains 1 vacuum therapy device, 1 loading cone, 4 multi-sized constriction rings, and 1 soft-side storage case.

We hope that this product can allow you to sustain a happy and healthy sex life.